Session 11: Focus on Present Perfect

Welcome to Session 11.

In this session we will introduce and practice using Present Perfect in the context of Education.

Learning Outcome: To be able to use the Present Perfect tense in context.

Secondary Learning Outcome: To §comment on some facts about education.

Topic: Education

Self Study Tips:

Present Perfect is a very useful tense in English but it is frequently used incorrectly. You need to think of the differences between the Present Perfect and both the Past Simple and the Present Simple. Look at short stories online and try find instances of all three of these tenses and what they are supposed to signify.

Watch the introduction video to get an idea of how to use the Present Perfect in English:

Step 1: Open the slides to follow the lesson:

Step 2: Find the exercises in this document:

For English Teachers: Think of some ways that you could teach the Present Perfect. Share your ideas on this Padlet. Read and comment on your colleagues ideas.

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7 thoughts on “Session 11: Focus on Present Perfect

  1. Knowledge, experience, interaction -to describe my teaching career.
    Re-training ccourse is a six-month teacher training programin Uzbekistan. It trains new teachers who have high qualified diploma another speciality. The aim of the program is support specialists who want to be a teacher.


  2. I think Teach First is very good way to train new teachers. It gives more experience and opportunities how to work with pupils. Especially, sopport of tutors and mentors is essential aid for teachers to organize their lesson.


  3. My students have participated in the learning courses.
    Some of students in my class have done homework without attention.
    Have you written the date?
    I have taught my students according to their views of intelligence.


  4. Session is good.
    Before introducing PP tense we should be aware of Regular and irregular verbs. There are so many ways to learn them. One of them is to learn the verbs with rhyme, for example Take took taken , Shake shook shaken, teach taught taught, think thought thoght,


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