Session 7: Talking About Health

Welcome to Session 7.

In this session we will introduce and practice ways of expressing purpose in the context of health.

Learning Outcome: To follow and get the main idea in an extended listening task in the topic area of health.

Secondary Learning Outcome: To understand the language of expressing purpose.

Topic: Health

Self Study Tips:

Think about when you might need to use the language of purpose. Write some sentences using the language in the comment section of this post.

Watch the introduction video to get an idea of how to express purpose in English:

Step 1: Open the slides to follow the lesson:

Step 2: Find the exercises in this document:

For English Teachers: Think of some ways that you could teach linking language. Share your ideas on this Padlet. Read and comment on your colleagues ideas.

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12 thoughts on “Session 7: Talking About Health

  1. Hi there. Thanks for the lessons. It would be better if we could do the tasks online😊 Thanks a lot anyway. (Sorry if I was rude)


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  3. Lesson is perfect. I can’t add anyghing. It is very meaningful, especially, videos. Moreover, fruitful listening activity for 9-11th grades. Song by Rod Stewart is very pleasant and exciting.


  4. She is learning English because she wants to go to abroad.
    We participated in the conference in order to get new information about modern technologies in teaching English.
    My friend bought new clothes to go to the party.

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