Session 6: Linking Language

Welcome to Session 6.

In this session we will focus on linking language in the area of hobbies and pastimes.

Learning Outcome: To understand and be able to use some linking language in the area of hobbies and pastimes.

Secondary Learning Outcome: To follow a short reading text to get the main idea.

Topic: Hobbies and Pastimes

Self Study Tips:

Think about the affect linking language has on a text. Write a text with no linking language and then add in some of the linking words and compare the texts.

Further Advice:

Using the comment box below, you could write some sentences using the linking words that you know.

Watch the introduction video to get an idea of what linking language is:

Step 1: Open the slides to follow the lesson:

Step 2: Find the exercises in this document:

For English Teachers: Think of some ways that you could teach linking language. Share your ideas on this Padlet. Read and comment on your colleagues ideas.

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6 thoughts on “Session 6: Linking Language

  1. Grammar Practice Activity B
    1. It depends. Mainly, I prefer to work alone if it supposes a serious responsibility, but, from time to time, I like to work in a team too as it is often fun. In addition, working in a team we can learn something useful and new we don’t know before.
    2. So far, I haven’t met any boring hobbies: any hobbies are worth of people’s attention and time. The truth is that each person does a hobby that coincides with his or her interests and gifts.
    3. I don’t like sad or cheerless music as, I think, that the music we usually listen to reflects on our mood and further actions in the end. So, sometimes if I feel tired, I listen to some relaxing music to have a rest.
    4. As I said above, people take a rest doing hobbies and, in fact, I think, it is great as it supposes that people in such a way feel relaxed and cheerful as well as ready for different demands of a day.
    5. To my mind, there are no any negative consequences in doing any hobbies as in this way people only develop themselves as creators.


  2. Undoubtebly, lesson is very important and it is opened clearly. Activities are productive, suitable for the theme. In addition, the topic about Laure’s hobby is useful and easy example for linking words. Besides that, we could use the game ” Make story” for speaking skill in our lesson. It likes the game “Chain Drill”. Teacher should give only title for story. Students continue each opinion with linking words. Consequently, they relaize how to use linkings in real situation.

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