Session 5: Describing Appearance

Welcome to Session 5.

In this session we will focus on language to describe physical appearance.

Learning Outcome: To understand and be able to use some vocabulary related to describing physical appearance

Secondary Learning Outcome: To understand and be able to use ‘so’ and ‘such’ in context

Topic: Describing People

Self Study Tips:

Think about what adjectives and characteristics are important when describing someone. Write some sentences describing the people that you know.

Further Advice:

Start to think about comparing people in terms of physical appearance and think of what language you need to know.

Create some sentences comparing pictures of famous people, or even people that you know.

Watch the introduction video to get an idea of ow we describe physical appearance in English:

Step 1: Open the slides to follow the lesson:

Step 2: Find the exercises in this document:

Or use Google Documents:

For English Teachers: Think of some ways that you could teach quantifiers. Share your ideas on this Padlet. Read and comment on your colleagues ideas.

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14 thoughts on “Session 5: Describing Appearance

  1. Description of a celebrity: She’s a good-looking middle aged woman. She has got shoulder-length fair hair. Her nose is straight and she has got beautiful almond eyes. Her lips are full and she is a little bit overweight.


    1. Qadirdonim Ifora~ qora ko’zlari iforli hidlari bilan hammaga quvonch beradigan erkatoy qizaloģ. U shirin so’zlari yoqimli ovozi bilan oilasini quvontiradi .


  2. We can also make our learners not only describe somebody’s appearance, but to make them look through ready-made comments on the appearance of very famous people and make them guess.
    As a variant, I think, it would be more interesting if we make our students describe their coursemates and offer others guess who they are.

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    1. Some great ideas Aygul, looking through social media or magazines for ‘real-life’ comments is a useful suggestion


  3. My friend Maftuna is a lovely girl with dark curly hair and pretty dimples. She is tall and good looking. She always gives me positive thoughts.


  4. He has wrinkles and a beard, a moustache.He has a short, dark brown hair.His overall appearance is handsome also in his 30s.His body is tall, muscular and medium height.


  5. She is quite short and slim. She had got maybe long, fair, wavy hair but now it is short and white.(under the hat it seems like) She has got blue, close set eyes and small stright nose. She is older than other celebrities but she is attractive and such elegance with her clothes.


  6. Lesson is very productive. I like video so much. But as a teacher I would not choose the theme about crime and criminals. It is disagreeable for mood.(apologise for my opinion) I prefer giving text about well-known politician or millionaires. And I want to add how to put fact adjectivies in order.


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