Session 3: Focus on Present Continuous

Welcome to Session 3.

In this session we will focus on the use of Present Continuous in context.

Learning Outcome: To follow some correspondence to understand the general context

Secondary Learning Outcome: To get a clear idea of how to use the present continuous structure in context.

Topic: Leisure Activities

Self Study Tips:

Think about the differences between the present tenses and how you can put them together in a text.

Further Advice:

Find some action photos on the internet and write sentences to describe the action in the photo.

Create some sentences to describe a variety of ongoing situations using the present continuous.

Watch the introduction video to get an idea of what the Present Continuous is in English:

Step 1: Open the slides to follow the lesson:

Step 2: Find the exercises in this document:

Or use Google Documents:

For English Teachers: Think of some ways that you could teach quantifiers. Share your ideas on this Padlet. Read and comment on your colleagues ideas.

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